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The Hartford Online Communications Resource depends on the active participation of the foundation’s grantees.  If you run across a helpful resource, please let us know so we can share it on the site and make it available to the rest of the Hartford network.

Please click here to send:

  • An original photograph to share with grantees
  • An original photograph or image that you want feedback on
  • A good stock photo to add to the Bandwidth database
  • Contact information for a photographer

1.  Select the Best Images
If you have numerous photos of the exact same person/place/activity, please send only those images that you consider the best representation of the subject.  We select images for Bandwidth on the basis of content (relevance to aging, health and social work) and quality (e.g. lighting, composition, focus). We prefer originals in the following formats:

  • Color or B&W
  • Prints
  • Digital Images

2.  Provide Captions
The following information is needed in order to make images available on Bandwidth:

  • Caption (Who, What, Where)
  • Photographer Credit
  • Date (this can be included in the caption and/or credit)

3.  Image Enhancements and Adjustments
If you save images from your digital camera or scanner as JPEGs, please DO NOT SAVE ANY SUBSEQUENT CHANGES TO THE JPEG FORMAT!! Due the nature of the JPEG format, the file will compress, and the pixel quality will degrade more and more each time you save a change (e.g. crop, adjust lighting and color). Also, do not adjust the resolution! Interpolating an image (increasing or decreasing the size) can also damage the quality of an image, regardless of the format. We prefer to optimize digital images on our end, if necessary. Please send us your ORIGINAL JPEG or TIFF images.
Also, please do not use a date function on your camera. Digitally removing dates can be a difficult, time-consuming, and imperfect process which often leaves "scars."

Photo Subjects Needed
Social Work

Criteria for Submissions

Find a collection of photographs and images.
Learn the process of using images effectively in a variety of applications.

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